‘Til the Cows Come Home


We recently added a couple of Jersey cows to our little homestead.  If you have never been around a dairy cow, they are, in my opinion, one of the most “human-acting” animals that God ever made! They have distinct personalities and opinions (ahem), because of course you have heard the phrase so-and-so “kicked the bucket.”  That phrase most likely started with the “so-and-so” being the cow, after kicking over a whole bucket of milk!

The day-to-day of working with a cow requires a special something that doesn’t get much attention in our world these days….and that’s consistency.  Doing the same chore, over and over, every day, produces wonderful, creamy and life-giving milk. Nourishing calves and humans alike, one cow can easily support more than one calf and a family of humans.  In fact, 100 years ago or less, a cow was the primo possession to own. You couldn’t do without one on the western plains when the tough and struggling pioneers were paving their path across America.  This same possibly mundane milking chore also keeps the cow free from sickness and helps her produce up to her potential.  Maybe not super-exciting, yet the basics are the path for something great.

When I was about 21 years old, I heard an amazing man speak to a group of us at a inner-city camp.  I have never forgotten the talk he gave. For some reason, it stuck.  This is what he said…

After he quoted by memory the entire book of 1 Timothy, he said he knew only one secret to this life.  He held up a yellow post-it note.  On this note was the word “every.”  That’s it.  Nothing else.  But what it meant impressed upon me something so deep that I have longed and strived and hoped to make it happen in my life.  Every day, get up and do the same thing.  The most important thing.  Consistently.  Spend time with God and His Word.  And go from there.  And the rest will take care of itself.

We can’t get away from being consistent.  Time to get up in the morning and start all over again . . . ’til the cows come home. 🙂

Jennifer 🙂

mj 2013 411

9 Comments on “‘Til the Cows Come Home

  1. love the blog – love the family! You all have a very large spot in my heart ;0) C Madison


  2. It is so special that big sister put this together and how precious all the kids are with their sweet baby brother…proof that love is multiplied not divided! Love you all!


  3. Congratulations Dunsfords! I’m so thrilled for you. Children are great blessings.


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