What Goes Around . . . (Well, You Know!)

When I turn 80 years old I’ll probably still be doing baby photo scrapbook journal whatever those things are called.  Yes, having a large tribe of hopefully amazing children has forced me to kick some things to the curb, and this is one of them.  I can just picture my grandchildren and great-grandchildren asking me what I’m working on one of those days and then I’ll have to painfully admit that I’m still photo-cropping their dad or grandpa! Yikes! Oh well.  To write a book (or a blog) you’ve got to live it first.  So some things will just have to wait!

Soooo, we’ve been working through my oldest baby’s pictures (which are still on actual 35mm photo prints) and thankfully, due to the power of delegation, I have several who have hopped in on the project.  And since my techie side is still being revealed, my oldest baby, aforementioned, is in full charge of transforming these “babies” into digital wonders.

Scan 7

Since, as I mentioned, I’ve been AWOL from the photo world (minus taking them), I have lost track of who resembles whom.  It has been said now for 11 months that our little Ezra looks just like big brother Caleb.  Well, ta-dah!! He actually closely resembles big brother Nathaniel as well! Wow.  Awww. Soooo cute. . . . (Nathaniel is with Hannah, Ezra is below them)

Scan 24

DSC_0201 (1)

Anyway, to continue, I noticed in this photo area that all of our mindsets have been changed by looking at a record from the past.  Hmmm.  Perfect.  Just in time for that wonderful moment when we start up a new year! Since I usually walk around in the “land of practical,” I decided I would take a few minutes to jot down some of my thoughts about trying to learn this wonderful truth . . .

For a new year, every year of my life:

1.  I have to have vision. There’s a proverb in the Bible (Proverbs 22:28) that basically says to remember and remind yourself of important landmarks as you live day-to-day. Don’t forget where you’ve been and be ready to see those lessons of the past come back around.   Habakuk 2:2 (Yep, that book’s in the Bible, too, but I had to spell-check it) also says we have to write our vision down or we can’t really go anywhere.  Part of knowing the vision is knowing where you’ve been.  And, it’s also being okay with the mistakes that went along with acquiring all those hefty landmarks!

2.  I have to be accountable.  This one is pretty self-explanatory, but to put it simply, we all need a buddy.  No one is an island unto himself (LOVE that saying!) and we just frankly don’t know everything.  Whether it’s going on a daily walk, or running a corporation, the effort and humility it takes to share the struggle are well worth it.


3.  I have to sow “good” to reap “good.” (I know that’s not grammatically correct, but I still wanted to say it that way.) Any human on the planet can use this law to their advantage or it will happen to their disadvantage.  And when the reaping isn’t so great because the sowing wasn’t either, grace can walk in and save our day, even if people in our lives can’t catch up yet. Our words are the best thing we can sow, in my opinion.  “I love you,” “You’re so wonderful,” “How smart you are!” can all get a good crop going and change the atmosphere.


4.  Carpe Deum. Latin, for “Seize the Day.” Watching the movie Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams was a highlight of my teen years.  Though, in retrospect, I had no IDEA what this could actually mean for my life.  There’s a ton of scripture related to this, but again, simply put: Don’t stay in the prison called “what other people think.”  Going with the flow never built any muscles or gave great results.  Swimming upstream is where it’s at and where history’s made.  A great example to follow who bucked the norms of His day . . .Jesus.


5.  I have to make my time precious. An hour a week is 52 hours per year.  What can I accomplish, what can I create, what can I leave others that will rock their world? Is it my daily journal, my kid’s journals, one blog per week (I’ve been flunking that one), my book idea, running a small business, my piano recital that’s waiting in the wings? Well, yes.  All of that.  So, that means I have NO time for regrets, laziness, bitterness, unforgiveness, gossip, complaining, you get the picture . . .

But I DO have the time to hear and do all that comes to my heart, for this next year of my life.

Scan 30

And, I better get busy.  Time is ticking, and what goes around that’s about to come around is coming all too fast!

Jennifer 🙂

2 Comments on “What Goes Around . . . (Well, You Know!)

  1. Awesome pics. Miss you guys. And, I have started using some essential oils to combat my seasonal allergies. Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender. Works great. I wonder what I am missing with other essential oils…


    • Hi Casey!!
      That’s awesome! There’s so much you can do with the oils. And they are great for allergies. Would love to help if you have more questions about them. Just let me know! 🙂 Miss you all too!!


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