Winter Warrior Ideas (How I Keep My Tribe Healthy Through All the Stuff!)

There’s this thing about my mom life.  I was never meant to be one.  I mean, it wasn’t ever on my radar.  I had lots of pursuits going on and ran around like mad to pull them all off, but now, to be able to say I’m a momma of almost 13 precious people, well, it’s crazy.  Crazy awesome.  And I’m grateful.

Our family, bringing in our new son-in-love.

Fast forward. I’m 22 years in and just turned 45.  Whew! Now I’m a little bit crazier, along with my hubby: teaching our crew, running a little homestead, working our own business, doing God-Jesus-people stuff, making raw milk kefir, and using “all the oils.” Oh, and I’m a grandma now. Actually, “Bobba.” Love it!! 🙂

Our first sweet grandbaby.

With all that said, I have a heart to share. Sharing what’s happening with us and giving credit where it’s due (God) is top priority.  And to be more specific today, we’re talking winter warrior tips.  Just my two cents!

So the wellness thing is a BIG DEAL!!!!! EVERYONE I know is fighting something off, or they know someone who is.  We could get into all the “reasons” I *think* this is happening, when it’s happening, and how it’s happening, but I won’t.  I’m just going to focus on the “how to help it NOT happen, and what to do if it does! 🙂

Now again, keep in mind, #imjustamom and I’m not a doctor, etc. etc, etc.  But here’s some of my tried and true bullet points, and I pray they can help you and anyone you know!!!

  1.  Thieves.  Yes, all the Thieves (Young Living only!).  I’m an essential oil girl, now 8 years down the road, and I’d never go back.  You can see anything you’d like to on my website ( and I’ll refer to oils ALOT in this post.  And here’s why.  EO’s are no new thing.  They’re been around FOREVER, they’re all over the Bible, they’ve just been pushed to the back so we can buy and use things that make us feel “better” instantly, instead of really healing the root cause. So back to Thieves. It’s an all-around immune-boosting powerhouse.  I should use the line, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways!”  Gargle in warm water (1-2 drops), rub down your spine (with some coconut oil so it’s not too hot!) and rub on the bottom of your feet. LOTS. Many times every day.  Inhale a drop of two from your palms (don’t get in your eyes). Ingest in capsules, 4-5 times a day.  Put in a spoon of honey to calm down a upset throat.  Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse. Then of course you can spring for the mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and spray.  Literally, don’t leave home without it.  And my BIGGEST TIP ever: Mix a drop of Thieves with chapstick or Rose Ointment (YL) or even coconut oil in the palm of your hand.  Use a q-tip and put that mixture up inside your nose.  Sounds weird, I know. But it works!! EVERY TIME you go anywhere!!
  2. Breathing “Super Shot.”  Eucalyptus Globulus and Peppermint.  These two are my fave for respiratory support.  All over the chest throughout the day and before bed. Globules is one variety of Eucalyptus and my pick in this situation.  You can start to feel and smell it all the way to the back of your head!!! You can actually throw them in your nose swab mixture up above for the same exact effect! (By the way, the Rose Ointment or even Animal Scents Ointment are invaluable.  When you use EO’s, you apply them topically then “seal” them with one of these two salves.  Awesome.  No mineral oils or petroleum, just goodness.
  3. Detox bath.  What in the heck is that? Well, it’s a wellness idea I’ve used for many years, and it’s cheap and easy.  Pour 4 cups each of Epsom salt, baking soda and peroxide in a very warm tub.  If you want to add EO’s, add mild ones like Lavender, Cedarwood and Frankincense to the Epsom salt before dumping it in the water and they will incorporate in the bath without floating to the top.  Soak for a good 30-40 minutes.  After getting out, rub down head to toe with something like Frankincense or Cedarwood,  and drink tons of water.  That’s kind of a given for this topic, but especially after a detox bath. Why? Well, you’re mineralizing your body with the salt and soda (Epsom is magnesium sulfate and baking soda is sodium hydroxide, the peroxide helps purify your tap water).  Minerals help move the lymph and other toxins out faster, especially when you’re fighting something.  I use this down to my little ones and my whole crew knows the drill.  The lymph system is a VERY big deal, and most Americans don’t even know what it is.  But that is changing and wisdom from our grandparents is coming to the surface again (my grandma would have suggested an Epsom salt bath for several different reasons!). You can do this at least once per day.
  4. Bone broth.  Whoa, sounds REALLY weird! No, again, your Grandma is speaking here.  Just throw a whole, healthy chicken in a crockpot overnight and the next morning, you’ll have a nourishing mineral broth.  You can find tons of recipes on the net for specifics.  Why? Again, minerals. Minerals move stuff!Stuff that’s fermented.  Examples here are kefir (preferably from raw milk), sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha, etc.  Fermentation helps heal the gut.  Check out Dr. Josh Axe or google this subject as well.  One of the biggest reasons our health can be compromised is because our gut is compromised first.  It’s our second brain and it steers our immune system.  Junky carbs, sugar and anything processed rips away at the lining of our gut.  Good fats and fermented foods soothe and heal and help restore this crucial system and help you prevent and fight off challenges when necessary.  Not to mention, digestion and elimination improves too, and that means guess what? Again, moving stuff!!! Yahoo:)Let me wrap up Part 1 by saying that there’s no perfect formula out there for staying well.  We do know that, of course, but it can be maddening at times trying to figure everything out.   I know as a mom that there’s an easy road to guilt at every turn and I’ve learned at this point in my life that this road is pretty fruitless.  I must take a step at a time, a baby step if necessary.  Pray, and go forward! Because things will happen. And we have to have some grit about us. Hence, my title mentioning “warrior.” In fact, we don’t even talk about sickness in our house. We might say we’re “pressing through” or “fighting something.” Weird? Well, our words our powerful.  And our bodies and our spirits pay attention to a fighting attitude.  There’s so much more to this journey than what we throw at our physical body.  If I move to heaven right now, my body won’t post this blog.  *I* will be in heaven living it up. So there’s so much more to mention that relates to our emotional and spiritual health.  We’ll go there in Part 2.

Sending prayers for health, healing and blessings,

Jen 🙂




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