I’ll never forget it.  My babysitter was named Henrietta and she played by the rules.  Eat your applesauce or you don’t get down from the table.  I don’t remember exactly what happened after I refused to eat mine, but let’s just say, applesauce was off my list! Fast forward to a 7 year-old bookworm, standing at the kitchen counter while my mom was cutting up some strawberries.  Now up until this point… Read More

  Well, the name of our website is “just a family thing,” and as you may have guessed, sometimes “family things” happen . . . all in the process of wanting our blog to go out.  So, here I am, running a little behind.  But hey, that’s real life around here, and I would be amiss not to be honest about that!!  Soooo, all of that said, I hope today’s post is… Read More

Soon after we had our first baby, I saw a framed picture that has remained in my heart forever.  The little girl in the picture looked just like Hannah did as a baby.  She was sitting by these words, “A baby is God’s way of saying the world should go on…” I guess it’s obvious I agree with that statement. 🙂 We just got to experience the birth of our eleventh baby last… Read More