I was pregnant with our first baby, due a month before our first anniversary.  You know the saying . . . a baby changes everything.  What a surreal experience, beginning to feel life inside of me! A plethora of emotions and decisions would lay ahead for me knowing I wasn’t just a wife of a wonderful man.  I was about to be a momma.  For the first time.  And the stakes were… Read More

Since I could write a book (a very long book) full of all the questions/opinions/comments/advice concerning our ability to “know what causes that,” let me assure you at the beginning of this post, that yes, “we do know what causes that” . . . and depending on what state of mind you catch me in, you’ll get a variety of answers to this question. I’ll save all the most pointed and blunt… Read More

Soon after we had our first baby, I saw a framed picture that has remained in my heart forever.  The little girl in the picture looked just like Hannah did as a baby.  She was sitting by these words, “A baby is God’s way of saying the world should go on…” I guess it’s obvious I agree with that statement. 🙂 We just got to experience the birth of our eleventh baby last… Read More