I’ll never forget it.  My babysitter was named Henrietta and she played by the rules.  Eat your applesauce or you don’t get down from the table.  I don’t remember exactly what happened after I refused to eat mine, but let’s just say, applesauce was off my list! Fast forward to a 7 year-old bookworm, standing at the kitchen counter while my mom was cutting up some strawberries.  Now up until this point… Read More

Since I could write a book (a very long book) full of all the questions/opinions/comments/advice concerning our ability to “know what causes that,” let me assure you at the beginning of this post, that yes, “we do know what causes that” . . . and depending on what state of mind you catch me in, you’ll get a variety of answers to this question. I’ll save all the most pointed and blunt… Read More